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RealEscort Wallet

Use your wallet to pay for products on RealEscort.
You can transfer money in to your wallet from the payment options we offer.

Go to your wallet (Bottom of My account tab), and transfer money to my wallet.. In your wallet you can select what payment type you want to use to fill your wallet.

RealEscort Wallet also lets you use more than 1 Prepaid credit card, like SpendOn cards or PaySafeCards to make payment.

You can have 1-2-3-4 or more SpendOnCards or PaySafeCards with money, and you can transfer money from each card to your RealEscort wallet.

Your wallet is attached to your user account, so you can use your wallet to pay for any ad you have on your account.

You can put as much or as little money in the wallet as you want.

You can transfer money in your wallet from 1 currency to another, if you use other RealEscort sites/Countries.

Important Information:
You cannot fill your wallet from normal credit cards.

You cannot get money back that you have put in your wallet, it must be used on RealEscort.

Old accounts that are not used for more than 1 year, will get a warning that system wants to delete the account, if you take no action within 3 months, system then deleted the account and any funds in the wallet are lost.

See your wallet here..